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We make renting one-way stainless steel kegs & casks simple. Each keg has its own unique identity making it easily tracked through your supply chain on our proprietary cloud-based software. You can choose to have a clean fit to fill keg rental, or clean the kegs yourself, but in all cases you can leave the collection of empty Kegstar kegs to us and our dedicated network of industry partners. We want to help you get more great beverages to more happy drinkers and keep it as simple as fill, scan, deliver, repeat!

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Clean Issue Fee ***Unclean Issue Fee**Daily Rental Fee**
20L keg£4.99£3.40£0.26
30L keg£5.74£4.15£0.26
50L keg£7.24£5.65£0.26
9G cask£3.80£0.26

All fees charged by direct debit supported with keg & cask rental statements outlining individual charges.
*Daily Rental Fee is capped @ 30 days, maximum rental exposure £7.80 if scanned to a venue before 90 days. Kegs & casks scanned to wholesaler/distributors incur a minimum of 15 days Daily Rental Fee.
** Regional Collection Fee for kegs & casks collected by Kegstar from the islands off mainland UKI or remote areas within the Republic of Ireland or Scotland.
*** Excludes delivery or self collection fee. Clean keg costs include a £0.25 CO2 surcharge per keg. This surcharge is due to industry availability and is subject to constant review.


50 litre thielmann stainless steel keg rental

Type: DIN
Capacity: 50L

30 litre stainless steel keg

Type: EURO
Capacity: 30L

20 litre stainless steel kegstar keg

Type: Keg
Capacity: 20L

Kegstar stainless steel cask

Type: Cask
Capacity: 9 Gallon

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Speak to us to send your kegs or casks abroad

Ask for a price to send your kegs between our domestic markets. Talk to us about how you COULD send them outside of them.



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Recently we went gung-ho down at our @ware_logic warehouse and scanned tons of our #kegs & #casks, making sure they're all accounted for and ready for when you need them. Please get in touch if you're doing some scanning of your own, (dispatch/collection) and need help. 🍻 🚚

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Our mates at @MicroStarKegs are helping to launch the new @steelkegassoc (SKA), taking another step in helping to achieve brewer’s greener draft dreams. Here is a peek at how steel kegs can work harder for us, you and our planet.

Link in our bio for more info. ♻️ 🍺 🌎

Our mates at MicroStar are helping to launch the new @SteelKegAssoc, taking another step in a journey to make steel kegs work harder and go further in helping to achieve brewer’s greener draft dreams. Read about it here - 🙌🍻

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